February 4, 2014

{Things on the Internet that I Love}

I'm sure you were enthralled by the creative and deep title of this post.  Amazing, I know.

I could write a post about our cannibal chicken . . .

or the awesome upgraded chalkboard/office area in our kitchen . . .

or our new Valentine Day tradition . . .

but . . .

it is finally cold.

my back hurts.

both little ones are asleep.

Soooooo . . . I am browsing Pinterest, sipping tea, and sharing my faves.

I bought an adorable shirt from THIS etsy shop for Addie to wear on V-day, but I really want this for myself!  I am actually saving up money from my online reviews for this.  I feel like a little kid with a piggy bank as I watch my paypal account grow!

 Also, it rained on Sunday.  For the first time in FOR-EV-ER . . . and it hasn't rained since, but still I think I need these in my life.

Katie Daisy and I would by BFFs, I'm sure.  Although, as her BFF I would explain that she really needs to not discriminate against non-iPhone owners and that she needs, needs, needs, to make Samsung Galaxy S3 phone covers.  With that being said, I love everything she does.

Then there is this:

We still have TONS of pallet wood.  I want to make all of these things.



I am thinking about crocheting something other than a hat or headband for once. I might attempt this, but with different colors:

I made these.  You probably have all the ingredients.  So make them.  You will love them.  Then, you will hate me for telling you about them because they are so, so very good!

In other news, I get mad at 3 am when I am nursing the babe and surfing Pinterest and no one has pinned anything new!  I mean, come on people, don't you stay up pinning all night long in order to prevent me from falling asleep during a 3 am nursing session? Shesh!

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Jamie said...

Pinterest is so much fun! I hop on there all the time. :)