February 26, 2014

{Playing Intentionally}

With two little ones at home, there are some things that are more challenging.

One of those things, is spending intentional time with the older of the two.

Part of the problem is that she really entertains herself so well.

She loves reading, playing music, and coloring.  She rarely demands that I participate in these activities with her.

However, I want to spend intentional time with her (I've noticed a huge improvement in her mood and behavior when I do and less little-sister-jealousy).

Also, I want her mind challenged and growing.

So, we've been doing some more intentional activities around here.  Nothing mind-blowing or anything, but special all the same.  Something new.  Something challenging.  Something fun.

Making valentines.

Sorting buttons.

Painting with watercolor.

Painting outdoors on an easel.

Coloring with chalk.

Playing with water, buckets, and squirt bottles, and food coloring.

Playing games.

It may be messy, but it is so, so good.

How do you play intentionally?

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Stephanie Loomis said...

You are a fantastic mommy!